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The Vero Vaccine Production Pipeline

The Vero platform’s upstream and downstream processing stages are designed for maximum efficiency and safety, as well as purity of the final product. Despite many recent advances in vaccine development technology, the actual process of bringing new vaccines to the clinical trial stage often remains cumbersome and slow. Even the most elaborate recombinant technologies and vector systems may not integrate smoothly into an existing manufacturing pipeline, and inefficiencies and safety issues may emerge at any step of the process.

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Advanced Development and Manufacturing of Antibody Technologies (ADAMANT)

To help accelerate MCM development, VxP Biologics has developed its Advanced Development and Manufacturing of Antibody Technologies (ADAMANT) platform. This platform integrates cell libraries, region design and selection techniques, and formulation standards into a high-throughput production format. By optimizing and standardizing antibody design and production, ADAMANT helps biologic developers bring new antibody candidates to the clinical trial stage more rapidly.

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