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Vero Cell Platform is Ideal for Vaccine Development and Production

  • Industry leading, widely accepted viral
    expression system                                                                                                                     
  • Numerous products approved throughout
    the world
  • Live and attenuated virus production
  • Established double-inactivation process
  • Experience with a wide variety of virus
    • Alphavirus (Ross River, Chikungunya)
    • Flavivirus (West Nile Virus)
    • Coronavirus (SARS)
    • Influenza (seasonal and pandemic)


Vero cells are used for many biologics purposes, including:

  • Screening for E. Coli toxins
  • As host cells, for growing viruses. An example is to measure replication in the presence or absence of a research pharmaceutical.
  • As host cells for eukaryotic parasites.

Vero cells are interferon-deficient; unlike normal mammalian cells, they do not secrete interferon alpha or beta when infected by viruses. However, they still have the Interferon-alpha/beta receptor, so they respond normally when interferon from another source is added to the culture.

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